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The Latest Sig Sauer Suppressor Lineup

Razorback Armory | Sig Sauer Suppressors | St. Louis, MO

Sig Sauer hit the ground running with their revolutionary, futuristic suppressors launched in 2021 and 2022! The new suppressor line innovated the suppressor market introducing 3D printing, an upscale numbering system, and stepping away from welded baffle design. Our Sig Sauer representatives detailed the geometrical and technological complexities of producing this new line when visiting Razorback Armory. Get your hands on the new suppressors; Mod X9, SLX, SLH suppressor, and more!

Sig Sauer Suppressors | Razorback Armory | 2022 Suppressors

Sig Mod X9 Suppressor

If the intricate design does not already sell you on this suppressor, the ergonomics will have suppressor fans running out the door with them - ready to shoot! Like the SRD9 suppressor, the Mod X9/Mod X45 coats itself in a titanium and stainless steel finish. Sig sells this suppressor in two different calibers, 9mm Luger (Mod X9) and 45 ACP (Mod X45).

This modular suppressor has a user-configurable baffle design, numbering from 1 to 7. Experience an incredible, personalized performance taking your baffle range safely down to 3 (hearing safe) up to 7, releasing a full-stack can operation. The structural integrity allows for user-dependency, choosing size over sound, or vice versa. Sig Sauer added the finishing touches to the Mod X9/Mod X45, including the ability to clean without it blistering or bubbling up on you. It is solvent and ultrasonic safe!

SLX Rifle Suppressor

Sig Sauer's SLX rifle suppressor comes in many shapes and sizes! You get to customize precisely what you want, from the SKU to the Caliber to the weight. Performance is the name of the game when it comes to the SLX suppressors. Think military + hard-use.

The diversion of gases assists in the pass-through baffle-less technology, leading into each printed section and flowing the gases around to delete backpressure. Sig Sauer reports that this technology results in 70-80% fewer toxic fumes. This permits a cooler and cleaner gun, meaning less wear and tear on your weapons and less blow-back gases on you, the shooter. The SLX encompasses the full flow through technology provided by the additive manufacturing process.

SLX Suppressors | SLH Sig Sauer Suppressors | Razorback Armory

SLH Suppressor

Hunting was on Sig Sauer's radar when thinking of this suppressor. Its lightweight feature allows for easy carry through the woods; this suppressor meets the user's needs, incorporating an initial blast baffle with internal flow-through technology for more sound suppression. More features include a Clutch-Lok QD system and a positive locking ring for direct threading. The materials in the additive manufacturing process used for this suppressor are titanium and Inconel.

BulletPoints Podcast | Gun Store | St. Louis, MO | Sig Sauer Suppressors

Visit Razorback Armory to see the latest Sig Sauer Suppressors! Even if you do not have a Sig host weapon, you can put their suppressor on any other weapon. The future is now with the technological advancements we see in this new lineup. Regardless of your suppressor end goal, there are military, hunting, and tactical use options. With every product we sell at Razorback Armory, we keep in mind your desired outcome for optimal operation!

Razorback Armory | Sig Sauer Suppressors | St. Louis, MO Gun Store

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