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Most Impressive In-Stock Silencer & Suppressor Selection in St. Louis

Razorback Armory Silencers & Suppressors, In-Stock

One of our gun shop’s core passions is the NFA market. We are proud to be the home of the most impressive selection of in-stock suppressors in the St. Louis Metro Area. 

Suppressors, AKA Silencers, are most widely known for reducing the sound of a gunshot. While they don’t make guns quite as silent as Hollywood makes it seem, they do offer many additional great benefits.

Improved accuracy and lessened felt recoil are two great benefits of a gun or rifle suppressor. We’d love to talk with you about fitting your weapon with a suppressor. 

Visit us in store to see our market leading selection of silencers!  We can help broker and secure all NFA items including silencers. Ask about our subsonic ammunition for an even greater suppression experience.

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If you enjoy shopping online, we have an online shop just for silencers and suppressors – but important to note, the selection online is not the same as in our physical St. Louis gun store. 

Brands of Suppressors We Carry:
  • Rugged Suppressors

  • Elite Iron

  • Silencerco

  • Odin Works

  • Liberty Suppressors

  • OSS

  • Sig Sauer

  • Torrent

  • Chaos Gear Supply

  • Texas Silencer Company

  • AB Suppressors

  • Dead Air

  • Plus all brands Silencer shop stocks