Pro-Tips for the Gun Range

GEAR CHECK: Are you carrying the essentials? When your friends call you to go to the range, you want to be equipped and ready to head out the door. Just carrying your gun and ammo simply will not cut it! Razorback Armory is here to give you pro-tips as a guide to ensure a safe and fun experience at the gun range.

Take advantage of it, and be prepared!


#1 Ammo

You can’t shoot the gun without the ammo! We recommend using ammo that works well with your gun. Note that you do not have to use high-grade ammunition for sprucing up your skills. Additionally, pay attention to the quality of the ammunition if you’re shooting hundreds of rounds. Some ammo causes you to clean your gun more often than others. In addition to ammo, it’s important to bring extra magazines as a backup.

#2 Protection Gear

Let’s avoid a trip to the hospital by protecting your eyes and ears. Safety is the top priority.

Hearing Protection

You can choose from various choices, ranging from low to high on the pricing spectrum. For a gun owner that spends a lot of time at the range, you may enjoy electronically augmented ear muffs that allow you to hear others speaking while silencing the gunshots. *No more yelling! Earplugs are another form of hearing protection for an outdoor range; we highly recommend using over-the-ear muffs when you are in a secluded indoor range.