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Pro-Tips for the Gun Range

GEAR CHECK: Are you carrying the essentials? When your friends call you to go to the range, you want to be equipped and ready to head out the door. Just carrying your gun and ammo simply will not cut it! Razorback Armory is here to give you pro-tips as a guide to ensure a safe and fun experience at the gun range.

Take advantage of it, and be prepared!


#1 Ammo

You can’t shoot the gun without the ammo! We recommend using ammo that works well with your gun. Note that you do not have to use high-grade ammunition for sprucing up your skills. Additionally, pay attention to the quality of the ammunition if you’re shooting hundreds of rounds. Some ammo causes you to clean your gun more often than others. In addition to ammo, it’s important to bring extra magazines as a backup.

#2 Protection Gear

Let’s avoid a trip to the hospital by protecting your eyes and ears. Safety is the top priority.

Hearing Protection

You can choose from various choices, ranging from low to high on the pricing spectrum. For a gun owner that spends a lot of time at the range, you may enjoy electronically augmented ear muffs that allow you to hear others speaking while silencing the gunshots. *No more yelling! Earplugs are another form of hearing protection for an outdoor range; we highly recommend using over-the-ear muffs when you are in a secluded indoor range.

Eye Protection

Don’t forget to cover your eyes! Most gun ranges won’t allow you into the range without safety glasses.

#3 Gun Range Bag

Your possessions are valuable. Don’t roll up into the range carrying all your accessories in your hands! Invest in a gun range bag - you can choose different sizes, shapes, colors, and more. A gun range bag prevents you from losing your gun accessories when it comes time to make the trip to the shooting range. Store everything from your cleaning kit to your ammo in a designated bag so that you are ready to roll! Most bags have a compartment where you can remove your gun from the case you bought it in. Look for a bag with a padded sleeve or pocket that protects the finish of your weapon.

#4 Cleaning Kit

Pack that cleaning kit just in case - you never know how long you might actually be at the range. Not only does packing your cleaning kit reassure you, but it also helps you become more familiar with your gun. However, take the time at home to fully dedicate yourself to cleaning the gun before taking it to the range.

Consider these additional items to include in your bag:

  • Shooting Gloves

  • Holster

  • First Aid Kit

  • Gun Oil

  • Notebook and Pen

  • Speed Loader

  • Shot Timer

What to Expect

While it’s important to invest in your own equipment, most gun ranges offer accessories to rent or purchase any equipment you may need. Razorback Armory has a wide selection of safety glasses, ear muffs, ammo, and the gun that you feel most comfortable with. Always have backup equipment for your friends or to change it up. Variety is the spice of life. Do in-depth research before heading to the range!

Don’t forget to show off your favorite Razorback Armory Merch at the range.

“The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for a newer and richer experience.”

Now it’s time to pack your gear - any day at the range is a good day!


Razorback Armory is St. Louis's top full-service firearm shop committed to selling, servicing, handling, repairing, customizing, teaching, researching, idolizing, and generally loving everything guns and ammo. We are more than your typical gun store - we are your locally owned specialized gun store and knowledge center. Our aim is to serve our customers with top-notch service and provide the best education and training.

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