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First-Time Gun Owners

Owning a gun is a lifestyle choice and a commitment.

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Do Your Homework

Take the time to educate yourself on the product. Although the gun store associate will provide you with adequate information, it is important to dive deep into the subject to know the right questions to ask before entering the gun store.

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3 Must-Haves

1. Your Purpose

There are many reasons for owning a firearm, including home defense, conceal + carry, recreational use, etc. Develop your “why” for when you purchase your gun.

2. Your Game Plan

Research will help you gather your bearings when you consider a firearm. Additionally, actual practice at the range will lend you more knowledge to pick the right gun. Talk to the professionals about your goals and inform them that you are on the market as a first-time gun owner. Many gun ranges have guns that you can test out. Test drive the car before you buy it - just as you test the gun before you buy!

3. Your Budget

Have an idea of how much you want to spend on your firearm, including the actual gun, ammo, and any accessories needed.

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Walking into the gun store


One size does not fit all. As a female gun owner, it is important to feel how the gun will fit in your hand comfortably. Hands come in all different shapes and sizes!


If it doesn’t feel well in your hands, it will not get any better over time. Try several different firearms to take notice of the grip and handling of each. Many handguns have extended magazines that you can purchase to help with the fit and feel of the gun in your hand, particularly where your pinky finger rests on the grip.

Operation of the Gun

Here are some key components of the gun to ensure that you can appropriately handle the weapon. With the help of a sales associate, they can walk you through these steps.

  • Slide the barrel back - Some guns are harder to slide back. Try a gun that is made to make this a lot easier for individuals with less hand strength.

  • Chamber the gun

  • Test the trigger pull


Purchasing your gun

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The moment you’ve been waiting for - the purchasing of the gun! It is a big purchase that requires commitment and time, but it offers a great reward when you can successfully defend yourself and fully operate it independently. Keep in mind that purchasing is a process requiring background information.

What do I do after I purchase the gun?

There’s no way to know how you like to carry your gun without trying it. If you do not feel comfortable carrying it on you, then purchase your desired holster to carry within the confines of your home. The purpose is to prepare yourself in a non-dangerous environment (we hope the toaster doesn’t attack you). The comfortability of your home allows you to test the gun within your holster, which removes any anxiety that comes with a first-time carrying scenario. If you are not satisfied with the current holster you purchased, this is the perfect opportunity to return to the gun store and try a new one.

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Practice Makes Perfect


What’s better than spending your weekend at the shooting range? We can’t think of anything. Remember - practice makes perfect.


You don’t want to be dangerous to yourself or anyone around you - just your target. Muzzle up or muzzle down. Preferably, we choose muzzle down because there is no one below you. You still have operational control over the gun. Muzzle up is still a suitable choice, but it is not as convenient in the air. Keep your finger off the trigger and out of the trigger guard at all times until you are ready to shoot. Trigger finger discipline is your best form of safety.


Take the proper educational courses to familiarize yourself with the gun. We recommend taking an introductory gun course before the decision-making process and then basic range safety + training after purchasing the firearm. Most ranges will offer safety courses and other beneficial classes that will enable you to feel more confident with your gun.

Shooting Guns | Razorback Armory | St. Louis Missouri

Shoot and Show Proficiency

The bottom line is that you want to be able to load it, shoot it, show proficiency with the operational mechanisms, and place range on the target.

The more times you touch the gun and shoot it, the more confidence you build.

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Just Breathe. It can be sensory overload coming into a gun store, witnessing hundreds of guns, ammunition, gear, and anything in between. Have an idea of your questions when coming into Razorback Armory.

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Razorback Armory is St. Louis's top full-service firearm shop committed to selling, servicing, handling, repairing, customizing, teaching, researching, idolizing, and generally loving everything guns and ammo. We are more than your typical gun store - we are your locally owned specialized gun store and knowledge center. Our aim is to serve our customers with top-notch service and provide the best education and training.

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