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Best Guns of 2021

2021 did not let us gun fanatics down! If you're looking to spice up your gun game, check out our list of the top guns of the year. With so many different options, Razorback Armory breaks down the best-selling guns from handguns to rifles to shotguns.

Best Guns of 2021 | Razorback Armory | Gun Store St. Louis


Sig Sauer P320 X Compact

It comes with a flat trigger and has a built-in optics plate. Sig knocked it out of the park with this gun being the top seller at Razorback Armory. Customers enjoy the vast number of features this gun offers - it is the bang for your buck!

Walther PDP

This gun came out towards the end of 2021, but it sure did make an impression on gun enthusiasts. To an extent, this was the first gun built around the red dot sight. The factory cut slide for mounting your RMR so that you can get your best sight picture when you press out.

Canik Mete

Canik Mete, by far, has one of the best factory triggers that Canik offers for their guns. Canik decided to go with a longer version, the FSX and the FST that is shorter. Solid optics, ready platform - The FCU has a clean break and fast reset. Not only do you get the gun, but Canik throws in a holster and a cleaning kit.

Best Guns of 2021 | Razorback Armory | Revolvers St. Louis


Smith & Wesson 686 Plus 3-5-7

This revolver is an absolute classic. Whether you are target shooting or using it for defense, the Smith & Wesson 686 continues to jump off the shelves. Revolvers are not an old man’s game - they are here to stay!

Stribog | Razorback Armory | Gun Store St. Louis

Sub Guns:

Grand Power Stribog

Both the SP9A1 and the SP9A3 have led the way for sub-guns. Their features and price are made to dominate the market single-handedly. Right out of the box, this firearm gives the consumer exactly what they are looking for with the Stribog. Additionally, Grand Power provides affordable costs for extra magazines and other gun accessories. Load up on 30-round magazines and not break the bank!

Rifles | Razorback Armory | Gun Store St. Louis

Bolt Action Rifles:

Sig Sauer Cross Rifle

Sig Sauer does it again! Gun lovers were waiting for this gun, and Sig did not disappoint. The Cross Rifle offers the 308 and 6.5 Creedmoor options. Many people take a bolt action rifle and throw it in a chassis. This gun - the action is the chassis. It’s lightweight, ergonomic, optic-ready setup, and has the perfect price point.

Bergara B-14 | Mini

Ready to teach your children how to shoot? The mini B-14 is hands-down the gun for you and your family. Bergara is known for their barrels and action - they did not let you down on this gun. Experience incredible accuracy, bolts work great, and a smooth mag feed process.

Shotguns | Razorback Armory | Gun Store St. Louis


Beretta A300 - Updated Version

It is the same price as last year, but they added their recoil reduction system. Beretta A300 features an oversized charging handle, an oversized bolt release pad, perfect for hunting, and is easy to grab. The A300 is designed and built for when you need it the most.

Beretta 1301 Tactical

Think tactical action, but a smooth Beretta action. This two-in-one gun provides Beretta’s integrated BLINK gas operating system, giving gun users a competitive advantage. Rain or shine - you can count on easy access to the safety grip and operation controls.


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