Razorback Armory has been taking the St. Louis gun market by storm for just under a decade.

Our passion for firearms comes through in everything we do.

We specialize in customizing guns, and helping fellow experts as well as newbies wanting to learn more about firearms. 

We’re ready to answer any questions you can shoot our way! 

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Brad Jackson


Going duck hunting with my father when I was a child created a love and healthy respect for firearms that lives to this day. It is a great pleasure turning a hobby I love into a business. We hope you enjoy as much as we do.

Jesse Rolfes

Vice President

Growing up shooting firearms with my family sparked my interest in shooting sports at an early age. Being able to take my passion for firearms and custom weapon design and build a business around it has been a fun ride.

Kenny Frederich

Firearms Consultant

I have always been a firearms enthusiast. I’ve had the pleasure of working in the firearms retail business for the last several years. I look forward to seeing our customers and helping them make the purchases that will provide entertainment and security for their families.

Bullet Hole - Razorback Armory Team - Gu
Bullet Hole - Razorback Armory Team - Gu
Bullet Hole - Razorback Armory Team - Gu
Bullet Hole - Razorback Armory Team - Gu

Richard Mersman

Sales | Advertising | Event Coordinator

I’m passionate about firearms and grew up around family using them safely. I love using my event planning skills to promote our industry and business!