Razorback Armory reserves the right to choose who we allow onto our premises. We have a great respect for weaponry of all types and want to be sure our customers do too.

Gun Return

Any questions regarding returns should be directed to customer service at, or 314.394.1730. 

There are typically no returns on firearms. We do not carry warranties on the firearms we sell. Only the manufacturers warranties apply. We can help you contact your manufacturer if you have additional questions. 

Privacy Policy

Razorback Armory does not share or sell your personal information with third parties, except in cases where required by law for licensing, etc. We may use your contact information periodically send you updates about products, events, and sales.

Terms of Use

Firearms are a federally controlled product. As such, by visiting our website or store you declare and agree that you are of legal age and have no known legal restrictions.