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Custom Rifle on Display


Restoring any firearm, whether new, old, antique or an heirloom collector grade piece takes patience, meticulousness, and time. It’s important to restore the gun to as close to like-new condition as possible, while being careful not to erase all of the firearm’s character. Knowing which age-related flaws to leave, and which to repair is an art.

Our team of gun restoration specialists work to not just restore your piece, but to improve it’s usefulness and overall value.

Pistol Restoration

Need a part to restore your gun and can’t find it anywhere? Razorback Armory offers a machine shop to fabricate any part you may need.

AL-47, Razorback Armory - Custom Guns
Razorback Armory Gun Restoration in St.
Better than new Gun Restoration in St. L

We’re incredibly proud of every gun we get the opportunity to restore. Take a look at a few of the pieces we’ve worked on recently:

We absolutely love restoring guns – but that’s not nearly as important as how much our customers love our work. See what some top shooters have to say!

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