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Rifle on Display, Custom Gun Repair & Cleaning


As fellow gun enthusiasts, we understand you may not get to use your weapon as often as you’d like. A firearm that sits unused for too long will require some maintenance to ensure the safest operation. We can help!

We perform gun cleaning, diagnostics and gun repair.

Pistol Parts, Full Diagnostics, Cleaning and Repair

We’ll check for corrosion, general wear, and damage. Regular cleaning and inspection of your guns ensures they’ll perform as you need them to when you need them to. We recommend inspecting and servicing each of your guns at least once per year.


If you’ve accidentally dropped your gun or damaged it in some way, there’s no need to consider it a loss. A professional diagnostic, inspection, and repair can get it back to the safest operation for less than you may think! 


We can complete smaller jobs such as changing handgun sights to more intricate jobs like barrel threading and re-crowning of barrels. 


We provide an estimate up-front before any work is performed.

Our Attention to Detail and Emphasis on Safety is Second to No Other Gun Repair Shop in the Area!

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