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Best Gun Safes for On-The-Go and at Home

Best Gun Safes | Home Defense | Self Defense | Razorback Armory

Out of Sight. Out of Mind. Leave the possibility of theft in the past, and invest in a gun safe for your belongings. Whether you’re just starting your collection or own too many to count, protect the possessions that matter the most to you. Razorback Armory has entry-level to advanced safes; we cover all the bases to satisfy price points, versatility, and accessibility.

SnapSafe Lock Box

Preserve your belongings with our recommended entry-level gun safe, the Lock Box by SnapSafe. Whether you want to throw it in your drawer at home, carry it in your backpack, or store it in the car, the options are endless. With three different size options, each promotes durability with steel manufacturing without the heavyweight.

SnapSafe Lock Box | Gun Safes | Razorback Armory | St. Louis, MO

SnapSafe takes care of customers by offering either a key or combination lock! Customize your safe preferences while staying at an affordable price. The last feature worth mentioning is if you plan to carry it in your vehicle. Deter thefts with Snapsafe’s heavy steel cable that can lock into any object or vehicle seat.

Vaultek LifePod Gun Safe | Gun Range | Razorback Armory | St. Louis, MO

LifePods by Vaultek

Take your gun safe game to the next level with the LifePods by Vaultek. Their signature built-in locking system gives users the comfort of knowing they are the only ones that can access their possessions. For up to a year of battery life, never worry about the safe running completely out of juice! As long the user inserts the 9V Alkaline battery, the LifePod will notify when it’s time for a new battery.

Rely on their 4-digit combination for effortless entry at all times! Carry the LifePod along on any journey - mountain biking, floating, you name it! The water-proof, weather-ready material will protect the guns and the safe. Multiple sizes of the LifePod allow gun users to store more than one gun. The 2.0 has an additional row of storage and trays for organization. The best part is the interior LED lighting that illuminates your gun and accessories.

Vaultek Gun Safe | Razorback Armory | St. Louis, MO

Vaultek VT Series

Vaultek not only offers portable safes, but they also designed the perfect safe for at-home use. Since there is a bit of weightiness, the primary purpose is to store it in a spot for trouble-free, self-defense situations. Easily open the safe with fingerprint technology and reduce the chance of being caught off guard in a crisis! Even multiple people can enable their fingerprint with the ability to program a master fingerprint of the main owner. The Vaultek series guarantees accessibility to your possessions, even if the code is forgotten. Register your product on their website, giving them the capability to store your code. Just shoot them an e-mail, and you will get into your safe in no time! It doesn’t stop there - the gun safe provides Bluetooth technology which permits the ability to check battery levels, tampering, and more!

Explore more of Vaultek’s products, including LifePods, backpacks, and other gun accessory items, at Razorback Armory!

As gun enthusiasts, Razorback Armory evaluates and personally uses these products to help others make informed decisions and pick the best option for themselves. Stop by our gun store to find the best gun safe, depending on the number of guns, security, accessibility, and price. Secure your weapons before it’s too late!


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