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Best Ammo Options for Home Defense


From any skill level, these ammunition suggestions will provide the owner with the power to defend! The right choice lies within the ability of the ammo to penetrate and expand upon impact when coming into contact in a self-defense scenario. Use this guide to narrow down your options and pick what works for you.

9mm Luger - Speer 124-grain Gold Dot

This type of ammo has always been the go-to for many law enforcers and people looking to protect themselves. Gold Dot has the purpose of maintaining controlled expansion, weight retention, and penetration when used.

Winchester's Silvertip

Most individuals love this option because it provides low recoil and expands upon impact when reaching the target.

Winchester's Defender Line

Winchester's design reaches the maximum stopping power of the intruder. The plated 00 bucks created within the ammo compensates for any user error. Additionally, the Grex Buffering makes for extreme + tighter patterns so that you can adapt to the ammo quickly.


If a rifle is your preferred method of self-defense, try these various ammunition options to get yourself comfortable with both the gun and the ammo. A few reasons to use a rifle are for easy aim and designed for quick follow-up shots.

Winchester's Ballistic Silvertip Lineup

The silvertip lineup has a feature called the boattail, which enhances precision and accuracy. Further, the ammunition provides deeper cuts and increased weight retention.

.223 Remington

Don't sweat the .223 Remington - this ammunition gives you full range to fire with minimal recoil. When you are at home, you can count on the Remington. You can also rack a few and practice for those self-defense moments when you are at the range.

.30-30 Winchester - Federal 125-grain JHP

Consistency is its nickname. Try out this specific ammo to experience stability, solidity, and power at an unmatched price.


A traditional shotgun loaded with one of these three shotgun cartridges will surely get the job done.

Winchester SPX Defender 12 Gauge

SPX is the ideal cartridge for defending yourself at home. It states that it has an "Inflex Technology" recoil pad which simply means that it displaces the recoil down, which makes for a non-bruised up cheek.

12 Gauge – Winchester PDX1 Defender

If you're looking for accuracy, then the PDX1 Defender is calling your name. Not only does it promote accuracy, but it is also known for longer ranges.

20 Gauge – Remington Ultimate Defense Managed Recoil No. 3 Buckshot

Remington knew what they were doing when they came out with this ammunition! The cartridge is built with exceptional performance, including dense delivery with tremendous knockdown power.

Ammo for Practice

Before purchasing the best ammunition for home defense, take the time to practice at the gun range. You do not have to have top-notch ammo to shoot a couple of rounds. Invest in FMJ ammunition - short for full metal jacket. The goal is to penetrate much further than home defense ammunition. When FMJ is in use, it will give better results at the shooting range.

Each individual has an obligation to defend themselves when the time comes. Don't let it creep up on you; be prepared with the best of the best. You need a reliable gun. Find what works best for you and stick with it!


Razorback Armory is St. Louis's top full-service firearm shop committed to selling, servicing, handling, repairing, customizing, teaching, researching, idolizing, and generally loving everything guns and ammo. We are more than your typical gun store - we are your locally owned specialized gun store and knowledge center. Our aim is to serve our customers with top-notch service and provide the best education and training.

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