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ATF e-Form NFA Guide

A few months ago, the ATF released the eForms system. E-filing your Form 4 to purchase your NFA item will make it quicker, easier, and more seamless than ever! Now is the time to grow your NFA collection - and you can do it in much less time! Previously, the time frame was 10-12 months; it is predicted the turnaround time will be 90 days per NFA (National Firearms Act).

As your go-to suppressor and NFA-item gun store, Razorback Armory provides full integration of the new electronic filing system. We will digitally prepare your Form 4 and submit it to the federal government with the new e-file process. This update will improve lag time and allow you to pick up your suppressor/NFA item faster than ever!

What is the NFA?

The NFA stands for the National Firearms Act. This act came into existence on June 26th, 1934. The NFA controls, governs, manufactures, taxes, and registers characteristic items such as machine guns, short barrel rifles, short barrel shotguns, destructive items, and suppressors.

Machine Guns

A machine gun encompasses any fully automatic weapon on the NFA register. Weapons can be deemed transferrable and acceptable for civilian purchase if manufactured before May of 1986.

Any rifle that has a barrel that is less than 16 inches qualifies as an SBR. They are technically rifles, even though they are short like a pistol. When you purchase an SBR, you will register with a form-4. However, if you manufacture your own SBR, you will register with a form-1.

Short Barrel Shotguns

Benelli M1s90 | Razorback Armory | Short Barrel Shotguns | Short Barrel Rifles

Don’t let the SBS confuse you - it is not a pistol! A shotgun with a barrel less than 18 inches. It can have a pistol grip or a full stock, which classifies as an SBS. Yes, you can own them! When purchasing a new SBS, it will be registered on form-4. As stated with SBR, shotguns will register with a form-1 if you manufacture them.


The fun, catch-all category classifies items that do not fall under any other category, but the NFA wants to regulate them. To name a few - short pistol shotguns with a manufactured virgin receiver, pen guns, and the vintage firearm with a 410 smooth barrel pistol. They are not your typical firearm! Compared to others, AOW weapons are only a $5 tax stamp.

Destructive Devices

The main two components of this section include explosive devices and large-caliber weapons. Think grenades, bombs, and poison gas mutations for explosives. With the second category, the definition primarily includes any weapon projected by the action of an explosive. The bore diameter would be more than one-half inch to qualify.

We know what you’re really here for - suppressors! Our forte is putting that silencer on the end of your gun. A silencer is any portable device to muffle or disguise the report of the firearm. The purpose is to enjoy the sport without getting muzzle blasted. The silencer bought depends on the host weapon and what you want to suppress.

Before you acquire your suppressor or NFA item, there are a few documentation steps to go through. Razorback Armory will guide you through the process, explaining each step and filling out the forms for you, digitally.

Silencers | Suppressors | Razorback Armory | St. Louis MO

The Electronic Filing System

  1. Fill out Form 4 - This is an application for tax-paid transfer and registration.

  2. LE Notifier form - Our shop will notify law enforcement of your purchase intent.

  3. Razorback Armory supplies in-house digital fingerprinting and photography services to make the process faster.

  4. Ownership options include owning it as an individual or putting it in a trust. We will go through these options with you and which is best for your situation.

  5. Tax Stamp - Razorback Armory will e-file this for you to the federal government.

  6. Our next step is to go through digital processing. Our team will guide and educate you through the e-form/e-file process, and account setup.

  7. The final step is to electronically e-file with the federal government.

Digital processing is completely revolutionizing the NFA market. As a consumer, you can get your hands on your weapon faster than ever with Razorback Armory. We are an NFA one-stop-shop - from SBR, SBS, to suppressors, we have you covered!


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