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The Team Behind Razorback Armory

Razorback Armory is St. Louis’s one-stop shop for guns, ammo, silencers, and customization – located in Des Peres, MO. Razorback Armory is owned and operated by Brad Jackson and Jesse Rolfes. For the better part of 10-years, we’ve had the privilege to be St. Louis’s premier gun store & knowledge center.

Razorback Armory | St. Louis, MO Gun Store | Team Behind Razorback Armory

Where It All Began

Jesse and Brad are lifelong friends who share a passion for firearms and after spending years in different industries, the two decided to become business partners and start a gun store together. The name “Razorback Armory” is inspired by Brad's favorite football team - can you guess which one? Razorback Armory started out selling a few guns; now we’re selling thousands of guns per year and impact-fully selling tons of ARs!

Where We Are Now

Firearms are a pastime for many people and a hobby passed down from generation to generation. Most of our customers grew up shooting guns and going duck hunting with their parents and grandparents. At Razorback Armory, we honor the tradition and the love of firearms by having a diverse inventory of guns, gear, ammo, gun education, and safety.

Razorback Armory Podcast | Bullet Points Podcast | St. Louis Missouri Gun Store

Not only does Razorback Armory have an impressive inventory and carries many of the brands you recognize, but we also have an educational firearm platform, through our podcast, Bullet Points Podcast – streaming on Spotify, iHeartRadio, and Apple Podcasts. Check out our Youtube Channel for even more video content!

Services We Offer

At Razorback Armory, we are true gun enthusiasts - we know our customers share the same passion, and that’s why we provide a plethora of services to meet our customers' needs.


The coolest one-of-kind guns are found at Razorback Armory. We are so passionate about firearms that we build custom guns for customers. We design our guns with the customers’ personality and budget in mind, focusing the customization on exactly what the customer’s needs are.

Special Order Guns

Razorback Armory is an FFL dealer, otherwise known as, Federal Firearms Licensee, meaning that if we don’t have the gun in our arsenal of stocked firearms, we can special order guns.

Shooting Guns | Razorback Armory | St. Louis, MO | The Team

Gun Repair and Restoration

Guns can sit untouched for months. When a firearm goes unused for a long period of time, it may require some amount of maintenance to ensure the safest operation. That’s where we come in – Razorback Armory can perform gun cleaning, diagnostics, and gun repair. Routine maintenance ensures that your firearm performs effectively and safely. It’s recommended that firearms get yearly inspections and services.

To learn more about our services, check out our website!


Razorback Armory is St. Louis's top full-service firearm shop committed to selling, servicing, handling, repairing, customizing, teaching, researching, idolizing, and generally loving everything guns and ammo. We are more than your typical gun store - we are your locally owned specialized gun store and knowledge center. Our aim is to serve our customers with top-notch service and provide the best education and training.

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