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SIG Sauer: Shop the Range of Models at Razorback Armory

Sig Sauer P320 Modular Pistol System | Razorback Armory Guns

Sig Sauer's beginnings date back to its founding in the mid-19th century as the Swiss Wagon Company, a manufacturer of wagon and rail cars. According to the company's official history, the wagon production eventually became a gun manufacturer after the company developed a rifle in hopes that Switzerland's Federal Ministry of Defense would utilize the weapon for the Swiss Army (other companies had similar hopes). Swiss Wagon Company changed its name to Swiss Industrial Company, which, in German, translates to Schweizerische Industrie-Gesellschaft (SIG for short).

Today, SIG Sauer offers a vast selection of gun models, ammunition, accessories, and more. Razorback Armory carries an array of SIG's most popular models in the store, and the Razorback team can order additional SIG models, too.

SIG Sauer Pistols and Automatic Rifles

SIG Sauer manufactures a vast range of pistols and automatic weapons. What are the most popular SIG Sauer models? Check out some of the guns in the SIG Sauer range:

Sig Sauer P320 at Razorback Armory

SIG Sauer P320

Razorback offers the P320 in the store. The powerful pistol is notably utilized by branches of the U.S. Armed Forces and numerous police departments. SIG's P320 has advanced safety systems, incorporating striker safety, disconnect safety, and the company's 3-point takedown safety.

SIG Sauer P226

The P226 is not available in store at Razorback, but this pistol can be ordered for customers. The P226 has been used by the NAVY Seals! SIG considers the P226 a "combat pistol."

The Famous Sig Sauer P365

SIG P365

The SIG P365 holds the prestigious title of "America's #1 Selling Handgun." It is a powerful and micro-compact handgun, which is why it's so popular. The P365 is available in-store; try it out and understand the comfort and capabilities of this pistol.


The SIG MPX is an automatic rifle system. Owners can customize aspects of the MPX to fit their needs. Razorback can order the MPX for customers.

SIG Sauer M17

The M17 and M18 are only available for members of the military. However, SIG offers similar models for 'civilians.' Talk to the Razorback team for more info.

Visit Razorback Armory for SIG Models and Ammunition

SIG Sauer is one of the best-selling brands at Razorback Armory. Visit the Armory to understand these models' performance, capabilities, comfort, and accuracy and learn why SIG Sauer is the trusted gun manufacturer for many branches of the U.S. Armed Forces and local law enforcement.


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