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Rounding Up the Best Guns of 2023

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

Rounding up Best Guns of 2023 | Entering into 2024 at Razorback Armory!

December is the most festive month of the year as we prepare to celebrate the holidays. The team at Razorback Armory commemorates the last month of 2023 with a round-up of our top guns 2023. If you’re looking for a gun this year, consider purchasing one of our favorite models.

Interested in gifting one of our favorite guns this holiday? SIG is on sale through December; don’t forget the accessories! Ready to shop for the best guns of 2023? Explore all our top picks and stop in to check them out in person.

Table of Contents:

Ranking the Best Guns of 2023

Best Handgun: Sig Sauer XMacro COMP

Best Shotgun: Beretta A300 Ultima Patrol

Best Semi Auto Rifle: Sig Sauer Spear-LT

Best Bolt Action Rifle: Aero Precision Solus

Best Pistol Suppressor: Dead Air Mojave

Best Rifle Suppressor: Elite Iron Asset

Best Handgun Optics: Holosun 507 Competition

Best Rifle Optics: Sig Sauer Tango MSR series

Tips for Finding Your Ideal Gun

SIG Sauer Holiday Sale

FAQ: Buying the Best Gun


Three SIG Sauer models made the list of our favorite guns for 2023. SIG is one of Razorback Armory’s best-selling and most popular brands. The team at Razorback also recommends models by Beretta, Aero, Holosun, and more.

Best Guns ranging from Sig Sauer to Glock to MORE! Razorback Armory located in St. Louis, MO!

Ranking the Best Guns of 2023

How did we choose our top picks? The Razorback team examined several factors when choosing the best gun for each category. Handguns are the top weapon most clients purchase for personal protection; when naming the best handgun, our team looked at size, weight, and power. Shotguns must be powerful and easy to load for hunting and home protection (safety); our pick in this category has a crucial defining feature that overpowers the competitors.

Semi-automatic and bolt action rifles need to be accurate and powerful. Bolt action weapons are popular with competitive shooters and hunters. For these categories, our team focused on each rifle’s precision, power, and ease of handling when determining our number one choice.

Our customers also trust us to recommend the best optics and suppressors. This ‘Best of 2023’ list also highlights our favorite suppressors and optics for rifles and pistols. We analyzed the features of different brands to determine our top recommendations.  

Custom Guns at Razorback Armory | Best Gun Store in the Midwest and St. Louis Area!

Best Handgun: Sig Sauer XMacro COMP

Razorback named the SIG Sauer P365 XMacro COMP as the best handgun of 2023! This SIG is 9mm, which is ideal for personal protection; the compact size allows it to fit nearly anywhere. Trust the XMacro COMP to deliver maximum firepower in a lightweight design. Check out the specs!

Barrel Length



XRAY 3 for day and night


21.5 ounces


9mm Luger

Best Shotgun: Beretta A300 Ultima Patrol

Without question, the Beretta A300 Ultima Patrol is THE BEST shotgun on the market. Why do we love it? This 12-gauge is incredibly easy to handle, making it the ideal shotgun for home and property protection. We also like that Beretta designed this shotgun with a roomier loading port, simplifying reloading. No intruder will mess with you when you choose the Beretta A300!

Best Semi Auto Rifle: SIG Sauer Spear-LT

The Spear range includes an automatic rifle, but our pick is SIG’s semi-automatic LT rifle. The Spear-LT was an easy pick; SIG combined the best features of the MCX Gen1 and MCX Virtus to create the Spear. The result is a precise, powerful semi-automatic rifle that slaughters its competitors. While we have high praise for the Spear-LT, we also encourage our clients to check out the automatic rifles and pistols in the Spear range. SIG shoots to win with this entire line-up. 

Best Bolt Action Rifle: Aero Precision SOLUS

Aero Precision designed the best bolt action rifle on the market. The SOLUS offers hunters and competitive shooters the control and precision they need. The rifle can be customized for each client’s personal preferences. While these rifles are priced higher, the quality, customization, and accuracy are well worth it. 

Best Pistol Suppressor: Dead Air Mojave

You don’t hear a thing. The Dead Air Mojave is, without question, the best suppressor for pistols. Dead Air designed the Mojave with its Triskelion™ baffle system, and trust us when we tell you that it’s almost dead silent.

Best Rifle Suppressor: Elite Iron Asset

Nothing comes close to Elite Iron Asset for rifle suppressors. The suppressor muffles the shot without impacting accuracy. It also offers four unique configurations for maximum control. 

Best Handgun Optics: Holosun 507 Competition

Holosun’s 507 Competition is beyond the competition. This tactical optic features the brand’s new Competition Reticle System (CRS), which offers a 2MOA dot, an 8MOA circle, a 20MOA circle, and a 32MOA circle. The battery for this optic stays charged for 50,000 hours (with a 1632 cell).

Best Rifle Optics: Sig Sauer Tango MSR Series

SIG created yet another winner. Our team agrees that SIG Sauer designed the best rifle optic available with the Tango MSR Series. It’s waterproof, fog-proof, and shock-proof, and the reticle offers 11x brightness levels. You can’t go wrong with SIG!

The latest of 2023 | The Best Guns at Razorback Armory

Tips for Finding Your Ideal Gun

Our favorite guns might not be your favorite. First-time gun shoppers might wonder how to find the best gun. Our team recommends that new gun shoppers consider and assess a few different models. SIG Sauer, Beretta, and Smith & Wesson make weapons exclusive to their brand. Each offers unique features and specific design elements. In addition, some brands specialize in pistols, others in rifles or handguns. 

Before stepping into any gun store, shoppers need to know their budget. Weapons vary considerably in price; a custom gun can cost thousands. Every customer’s need is different, too. Will the gun be used for self-protection? Home protection? Hunting? The purpose determines the type of gun the buyer needs. For example, compact handguns are great for personal protection, and shotguns are ideal for home protection and hunting. 

Knowledge about gun handling is also important. Some guns are heavier and difficult to handle for first-time gun owners. Visit the Armory to assess different guns and brands. Our staff helps first-time buyers understand the difference between models and explains the unique features of each weapon.

Researching guns online provides basic information. We advocate for buyers to visit the Armory and explore the different options. Consumers also might be tempted to read the reviews of other gun owners; remember that a review is simply one person’s opinion. Just because Jim in Montana loves a particular GLOCK doesn’t mean you will love it. 

Not sure what type of gun you want or need? Use our chart better to understand different gun types and their common uses:

HUGE Sig Sauer Holiday Sale at Razorback Armory

Our Ho-Ho-Holiday Sale

Razorback Armory sells a lot of SIG Sauer; this brand is one of the most popular among our clients. Our team knows the precision, power, and durability of SIG. We love SIG so much that we’re offering a special holiday deal on SIG Sauer purchases!

Through December 31, we’re offering these amazing discounts on SIG: 

  • Spend $700, and receive $50 OFF your purchase!

  • Spend $1100, and receive $100 OFF your purchase!

  • Spend $1500, and receive $150 OFF your purchase!

Gifting a Gun

Missouri gun laws are more laid-back than in other states. You can give a gun as a gift in Missouri, which could be ideal for personal protection. When gifting a gun, consider also gifting a membership to a gun range or opt for a gift certificate for professional shooting lessons.

Don’t Forget Accessories

When gifting a gun, consider gifting a few accessories, too (if the budget allows). Razorback Armory carries a vast selection of holsters, optics, gear bags, cleaning supplies, and cases. Of course, a few rounds of ammunition don’t hurt!

FAQ: Buying the Best Gun

What are the best guns to buy?

Buyers needing recommendations can check out our list of the best guns in 2023!

What is the best handgun to buy?

What is the difference between a silencer and a suppressor?

Can you buy a gun online?

Do you need a permit to buy a gun?

Is my gun registered when I buy it?

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